FAQ: Make Any Headphones Wireless - Jack by Podo Labs
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How is Jack different from similar adapters?

We may not be the first of this type of product, but if you're looking for something convenient, affordable, and high quality, the following are areas where Jack shines above all competitors: 1. Share feature 2. Sound quality 3. Battery life 4. Ease of use Jack is the only adapter which enables you to sync headphones and wirelessly share audio with a friend. And quite simply, ours has superior audio quality. We use a CSR8670 chip with aptX protocol used in top wireless products like Sennheiser, B&O Play, Bowers & Wilkins, etc. Our Maxim amplifier is used in professional sound equipment and drives great power to headphones and speakers. Our battery is much bigger than competitors on Amazon (which are typically <180mAh). They make vague battery life claims but we directly and proudly state our battery size of 300mAh. Our Bluetooth connectivity is the best. It's the only one that will store multiple devices to auto-pair so you can go from phone to laptop easily. You can also connect to both simultaneously and switch between which one you are listening to. Ours fully supports in-line microphones and volume controls no matter the brand, works while charging, and has the sleekest form factor with steel clip. You'd figure our competitors would do these things, but nearly none do. It takes a lot of custom firmware and Bluetooth work to get all the details right, and fortunately that's an expertise we've been building for 3 years since our first product. We are very confident in the quality and usability of Jack. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:53 pm EST

How good is the audio quality?

Technical answer: Jack will output with a 44.1kHz sample rate, or whatever the source happens to transmit at (almost always 44.1kHz with the Bluetooth A2DP profile). The codec will adjust digital compression rates depending on signal quality. Our amp can drive 2Vrms into 600ohm loads. We're using the top aptX audio codec, CSR8670 Bluetooth chip, and MAX97220 headphone amplifier in Jack to bring you really great sound. We're so confident, we tell you the exact names of these components so you can compare them to any competitor. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Will my ___ brand headphone buttons work with Jack?

Yes! Any headphones that receive audio through a 3.5mm cable (you can even use a 1/4" to 3.5mm "jack" adapter, heh) will work with Jack. Unlike other adapters, Jack fully supports in-line microphones and volume controls of . Through Jack, you can even use Apple headphone buttons with Android phones, and vice versa. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Can I take calls through my headphone's mic while using Jack?

Absolutely! And if your phone doesn't have a microphone built-in, you can snag the great headphone model that we are offering as an add-on accessory :) Last updated: Thu, Jan 26 2017 3:38 am EST

Can I sync more than two Jacks together?

No, only two Jacks can sync directly with each other. Last updated: Wed, Jan 25 2017 6:32 pm EST

How does Jack work in my car?

For cars that do not support Bluetooth music streaming, you can connect Jack to the aux input in your car and leave it charging via USB connection. Then, you can wirelessly send music from your phone to the Jack, and the songs will play through your car speakers. You can even let your passengers DJ! (not that you’d let them) You can also take calls and hear the caller through your speakers. However, Jack does not have a built-in microphone, so you will have to use speakerphone to talk. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

How does Jack work with my TV?

Plug Jack into the aux output in your TV and Jack will transmit your TV's sound to either another Jack, or other Bluetooth headphones. You can use this with any aux output, such as the armrest on the plane. No more tangle of cables when your seat-mates go through you to use the bathroom! Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

How do I choose my Jack colors?

After the campaign concludes, you will be able to use a free service called BackerKit in order to let us know your color choices, shipping address, or add more items. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Are the Jacks pictured here the final products?

Not necessarily, as Jack is still in development. These prototypes reflect the ultimate look and feel of the device, and the dimensions will be set. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

How does Jack show indications?

Jack has an full-color LED on the side that will blink in different colors and patterns to let you know what mode it is in and what it is doing. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Is Jack waterproof/sweat resistant?

Jack is not waterproof; it has an open USB port and aux connector. Light moisture will not destroy the device but exposing it to rain is not recommended. We are offering a weather proof sport case as an add-on that would be perfect for sports and outdoor activities. It is not submergible underwater though. Currently it will be unlocked at our $800,000 stretch goal target. Last updated: Sat, Feb 4 2017 12:16 am EST

Will there be a delay in audio while watching video?

Check out the demonstration video on our page! For normal viewing there is no significant lag and you can watch your shows and movies comfortably. Our aptX codec will help us achieve lower latencies, at a target of <100ms. For video editing or other professional use cases, this may not be viable. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

How does Jack charge?

Jack charges via included micro-USB cable. The 300 mAh battery will last 12 hours of music playback, and takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

What comes in the box?

You will receive Jack and a micro USB charging cable. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Did you create these headphones?

No. We sourced for you through our audio manufacturer a premium quality headphone at a bargain price. This is due to no branding and no retailer to mark up the price. Ours will come with customizations not found anywhere else, such as a built in microphone and universal button controls (for any OS) and a shorter cord perfect for using with Jack. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

How will you know which items I added on?

We are hiring a service called BackerKit to make backer accounts for you, and we had great success with them in the past. For example if you add $25 to your pledge amount, they will survey you later to see if you want another Jack or you want headphones and a case. It will allow you to manage your pledge amounts and choose which items and colors you want. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Can I use Jack and charge it at the same time?

Yes! This is a feature many other adapters do not have. Charge Jack while plugged into your speakers, car, or TV and just leave it there to connect to your phone anytime. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Does Jack remember my devices?

Yes, and it can even remember more than one device! This way, Jack can auto pair with both your phone and your laptop, saving you the hassle of initiating the connection from your phone settings. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Can Jack connect to my Bluetooth speakers or headphones?

Yes, but the sharing feature can only be used between two Jacks. Jack can connect to your Bluetooth headphones while transmitting. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

What is the maximum range between my phone and my Jack?

The range is standard Bluetooth range, or 10 meters (around 25 feet). Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Do you ship to my country? Do you handle VAT?

Yes, please choose the appropriate shipping country when backing and shipping charges will automatically be updated. We do not cover VAT (value added tax) if any, and do not give official advice on customs regulations as we are not shipping professionals. Please consult your local customs office with questions or concerns. We will supply all the necessary paperwork to declare the items and their value when shipping but it is up to you to handle any duties and receive the package. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Do you offer refunds?

Once the campaign concludes, we have a firm policy that we do not offer individual refunds. This is a crowdfunding project and your financial support is critical to bring the products to life. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

I'd like to place a custom order of a bulk amount. How do I contact you?

Please email Jae at jchoi@podolabs.com for all distribution inquiries. Thank you! Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

Can Jack pair to more than one device at a time?

Yes! For example, if you're streaming music from your phone to Jack, you can also connect Jack to your laptop simultaneously. Then, you can stop the music from your Jack and play from your computer instead. Last updated: Thu, Feb 23 2017 5:03 am EST

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